We are proud to be partnering with Durango Trails for a fundraiser to help support their invaluable work on our community trails. It’s no secret that Durango has an abundance of beautiful trails stemming from our bustling little mountain town. Those trails are one of the charms of Durango, and Durango Trails is responsible for trail improvement, advocating for more trails and open spaces, and so much more! We couldn’t be happier to be supporting their hard work in making Durango’s trail system an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise.

 During the month of August when you purchase a limited edition 1/8th a portion of the proceeds will go directly to the Durango Trails non-profit. Each purchase of a benefit item will come with a complimentary sticker and that feel-good feeling that comes from helping valuable non-profits in our community and keeping our trails well maintained and accessible.

These 1/8ths will be eligible for mix-and-match 1/2 ounce and full ounce discounts! *Please no further discounts on these 1/8ths. Coupons cannot be applied to benefit 1/8ths.

We will also be collecting donations for the Durango Trails! If you wish to donate above and beyond the purchase of benefit products you can leave a monetary donation in the collection jar in our lobby.

About Durango Trails:


Durango Trails is Durango, Colorado’s local non-profit trails organization, connecting you to the outdoors.

We plan, build and maintain trails; educate trail users; and encourage connectivity on the road, path and trail.

We don’t just believe that great communities build great trails and great trails build great communities, it’s how we live our work.

With over 300 miles of trails within 30 minutes of downtown, Durango Trails believes that trails are the gateway to the outdoors. They are the beauty of the San Juan Mountains, the LaPlatas, and all of the peaks and valleys that make Durango home whether you live here or visit here.

The trails are the connecting piece to those beautiful spaces and our trails are built by volunteers.

Hard working, hard charging folks who believe that giving back to trails is essentially giving back to themselves and their neighbors.

Durango Trails plans, builds and maintains trails in and around Durango from City Open Space, LaPlata County, BLM, USFS and private land easements.

Click here to learn more about Durango Trails!