Something doesn’t look quite right…. Have you noticed your favorite edible’s package looks a little different recently? Or your herb jar has even more warning labels stuck to it? That’s because new labeling and equivalency laws have taken effect as of October 1st. Expect to see new labeling on edibles including a new universal symbol and additional warnings on products.

In July we rejoiced that out of state customers could now purchase a full ounce instead of the previous 7 gram limit. However, with new equivalency laws in effect we will see a change in sales limits for both in and out of state customers. The total limit will remain at 28 grams (one ounce), but how those grams stack up will change.

The equivalency law changed the way concentrates and edibles will count towards your one ounce limit. Previously you could buy an ounce of concentrates or 2,800mg total in edibles, now 8 grams of concentrates or 800mg of edibles counts as one ounce. What does this mean for consumers?.. For most folks these new laws won’t effect your smaller normal purchases, but for those who like to stock up for the month in one trip to the dispensary you could experience a decrease in the amount of product you can walk away with.

Don’t worry we’ll do the tricky math for you so you can still enjoy you cannabis purchasing experience!