We're introducing not ONE... not TWO... but THREE new strains to our Prohibition Premium line of Cannabis!

We’re so excited to announce the arrival of three new strains to our Prohibition Premium line of Cannabis. We source rare, vintage, and exotic genetics to add to our Premium line, sometimes these hard-to-find strains aren’t the biggest producers and get overlooked by large commercial growers. Here at Prohibition Herb, we cultivate quality, not quantity. We believe that every aspect of cannabis – flavor, aroma, and effect – should be appreciated, so we created the Prohibition Premium line to showcase cannabis strains that are cannasuer grade. Our trifecta of new Premium strains includes Boo Kush, DJ’s Gold, and White Mac. These distinct and unique strains all have a heavier indica style of effect, but express completely different flavor profiles. We’re so excited to release the strains and give our guests access to such exceptional genetics! The only hard part is deciding which one to try first! We hope you enjoy!