We're excited to announce recent updates to our Medical shopping experience!

We’ve made some changes to our Medical shopping experience to better serve our Medical Marijuana Cardholders and adapt to the current Medical Marijuana market. We’ve never forgotten our roots in Medical Marijuana, and are happy to offer Medical Marijuana Cardholders a new and updated shopping experience with us! Below you will find a list of changes we’ve made.

  • New co-located budroom! More elbow room and a high-end feel.
  • Online Ordering now available for our medical store!
  • Reduced prices on 1/4s, 1/2 ounces, and full ounces! (for members and non-members)
  • First-time shoppers get 20% off their first purchase

For our Members, we’ve updated our Member Benefits and added perks!

  • x1 $1 gram per month
  • x1 $ gram on your birthday
  • Loyalty program (earn 1.5 points on every pre-tax dollar you spend, get a $5 credit for every 200 points you earn. Use your credit on any medical purchase!)
  • Discounts on Recreational products – 15% Off rec concentrates, 10% off edibles and topicals, 10% off accessories and apparel

We still offer a 10% Veteran’s discount and a 10% off birthday discount to all of our shoppers! Please note that we can no longer honor cross-tier mix and match pricing, and no longer offer sign-up bonuses, container raffle entries, or monthly raffle giveaways. Current Members: You have the choice to keep your current punch card or surrender your punch card and opt into our new loyalty program. New members will automatically be enrolled in our Medical Loyalty Program.

*Due to the co-located nature of our new budroom we can no longer serve medical patients who are under 21.