We are honored to be able to join forces with Friends in Weed to be able to provide relief to the cannabis and restaurant industries in Colorado. During this trying time we are privileged to be in a position to give back to our community. We’d like to extend a thank you to the founders of Friends in Weed and so appreciate the opportunity to give back.

Friends in Weed is a program founded by leaders in the Colorado cannabis industry, to help support the cannabis, hospitality and other service industries who are the backbone of Colorado. Veritas, Olio and Cookies and 1906 wanted to provide meaningful aid to the community and its crucial service industries during the COVID-19 Crisis. Friends in Weed provides financial support to the budtenders of our dispensary partners while supporting local restaurants and businesses, and also temporarily employs newly out-of-work members of the hospitality industry. We challenge other industry leaders to join us as we give back to these crucial members of the community.

Friends in weed are friends indeed